Cities: Skylines 2 Could Refurbish SimCity 2013

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Cities: Skylines 2 Could Refurbish SimCity 2013

Though SimCity may have faded from the spotlight, the Cities Skylines franchise has taken up the mantle. While Maxis’ classic series established the city-building genre, Colossal Order has demonstrated what a modern urban simulator can achieve. Cities Skylines 2 aims to redefine the genre yet again, but it would be wise to take some inspiration from the SimCity series.

Despite SimCity 2013’s controversial impact on the franchise, it still has valuable insights for aspiring city-building games. The game introduced some intriguing and distinctive features that have yet to be replicated in modern urban simulators. Multiplayer and modular building upgrades, for instance, could be executed effectively with proper attention and care. Given Colossal Order’s track record, the studio is ideally suited to develop and refine these concepts.

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