Cities: Skylines 2: Everything we Know

Cities: Skylines 2: Everything we Know

The long-awaited announcement of Cities Skylines 2 has finally arrived! As the sequel to one of the best city builder games – if not the very best – it’s no surprise that the community has been eagerly anticipating this release for some time now, making it one of the most highly anticipated upcoming PC games of the year. After all, the original Cities: Skylines has been around for eight years and has amassed a phenomenal following, generating thousands of mods and other creations in that time. While not much is known yet about Cities Skylines 2, you can find all the current details about the game below.

Although Paradox and developer Colossal Order have not yet released any actual gameplay footage for the upcoming Cities Skylines 2, we do have some hints regarding how the gameplay will evolve from its predecessor. The game is being promoted as the “most realistic city builder – ever” on its Steam page, with mention of a “new epic scale”. The leaked Cities Skylines 2 achievements reveal that players will be able to utilize 150 map tiles in a single city, a significant increase from the nine available in the original game. In addition, natural disasters such as hailstorms, tornados, and forest fires will be incorporated into the gameplay, some of which were only available via DLC packs in the first game. Another interesting feature will be the ability to “Follow a citizen’s lifepath from childhood to old age”, suggesting a much greater depth of simulation than the original Cities Skylines.

According to Fredrik Wester, CEO of Paradox Interactive, “Cities: Skylines 2 will continue to push boundaries for the city-building franchise, with unprecedented amounts of customization and player control.” The official press release highlights the game’s features, including the ability to manage everything from individual households to the transportation and economic systems of the city, as well as a plethora of construction and customization options, and “advanced modding capabilities”. The press release also claims that the game will be the “most open-ended city-building sandbox on the planet”, setting high expectations for the upcoming release.

Will Cities Skylines 2 multiplayer exist?

At this time, it is uncertain whether Cities Skylines 2 will have multiplayer capabilities. As the game’s reveal is still in its early stages, further information is expected to be announced soon. Although some resourceful players have incorporated multiplayer support through mods in the original game, it has never been an official feature of the Cities Skylines franchise. If you’re interested in learning more about Cities Skylines prior to the sequel’s release, it’s worth noting that the original game is one of the best Xbox Game Pass titles available, offering an excellent opportunity to dive in and experience it.

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