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Traffic v0.1.7.2

Successor to TM:PE for Cities Skylines II
The goal of the project is to bring more tools to the game that could help users manage traffic, well known from CS1 TM:PE mod and new ones.

Included features
Lane Connector Tool – no need to describe it for users familiar with TM:PE in CS1, but for new players, it’s a tool which allows for changing lane connections at intersection to any that suits your usecase. Since the mod cannot read the user’s mind, in certain conditions it may require revisiting the modified intersection to add or change connections. More details below.

Ctrl+R enable Lane Connector Tool or simply click on the button in top left corner, then select any intersection.

Change lane connections by selecting source and target lane circles.

For more advanced setups:
– hold Alt to change the mode to unsafe connection (dashed) – doesn’t work for track connections
– hold Ctrl for track-only connection,
– hold Shift for road-only connection
– hold Ctrl+Shift for shared-only connection (e.g.: Car+Tram)

Known issues and limitations (in the current version)
– No support at intersections with the roundabout upgrade, custom lane connections has to be reset first to apply the upgrade
– No support for vanilla forbidden direction upgrades (tooltips with more information is available in game)
– No support for managing bi-directinal lane connections (e.g.: two-way single train/tram track connections)
– Intersection with custom Lane Connections will not generate lane connections when modified by e.g.: adding new intersecting road – connections need to be created manually or simply reset

Custom Lane Connections may be automatically removed (leaving lanes not connected!) in following conditions:
– when the network composition has changed e.g.: “small two-way road” was replaced with asymetric 2+1 variant
– road direction has changed with help of replace tool
– tram track upgrade has been applied or removed

Issues and limitations above are not impossible to solve (mostly), but they require extensive effort which would delay the release of the mod, so I deciced to reduce the initial scope of compatibility features. I hope to improve them later, with your help.

Compatibility with other modifications
– Automatic data migration from Traffic Lights Enhancement’s Lane Direction tool into Traffic’s Lane Connections (a message dialog will appear with migration resutls when loading a savegame)
– Tested with Extended Road Upgrades, no isses found.

The mod is storing the data inside the savegame file, but thanks to how CS II is handling missing mods and assets, savegames will load correctly but the changes applied by the mod will reset once a road/rail network update is triggered, resetting them to the defaults.

The mod was not tested thoroughly in the map editor, but is expected to save the Lane connector settings data into the map file which should later load successfully when a new game is created from it. Opinions/tests greatly appreciated.

For the next bigger update Priority Signs per road segment feature is planned, at the moment I’m gathering feedback and ideas how it should work and what the minimal set of features it could offer could be. Since I can’t reuse anything from original mod, why not make it better from the ground up. Multilanguage translation support will be handled on Crowdin, more info soon. In case of critical issues, small bugs fixes or tweaks they will be released more frequently.

Feedback, Features Ideas, Support
You can contact me on TM:PE or Cities: Skylines Modding discord and PDX forum in the comment section of the mod, but for easier management, for larget feature requests or anything that requires more discussion, I’d prefer Github’s Issues or Discussions

– REV0 – the main mod logo,
– Bad Peanut – in-game button menu icon,
– Chameleon TBN – testing and feedback,
– Algernon, Klyte45, Quboid, T.D.W. and yenyang – Cooperative development, testing and feedback.
– Slyh (Traffic Lights Enhancement) – help with compatibility and mod details for lane data migration tool

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