Cities Skylines 2: Sound

Cities Skylines 2: Sound

In Cities: Skylines II, the audio dynamics of City Service buildings take center stage. Virtually every Service Building, inclusive of its upgrades, boasts distinct sounds. These sounds not only mirror the purpose of the building but also offer intricate details regarding its operational status. Enhancing the auditory experience, building sounds now incorporate brief, randomized audio snippets interwoven with their continuous sound loops, providing a richer and more diverse sonic ambiance.

Given the introduction of grander structures in Cities: Skylines II, certain edifices come equipped with a dynamic audio source. This dynamic element adjusts based on camera positioning, ensuring the sound emanating from expansive building complexes remains consistent and clear, irrespective of where the listener is situated. Furthermore, building noises are attuned to varying environmental conditions such as time of day, temperature, and other specific building-related scenarios. This means, for instance, that school edifices fall silent at night, and the chirping of birds is audible only when temperatures climb above a set limit.

Distinguishing them from typical zoned structures, Signature Buildings have been classified based on their type, with each type having its unique audio loop, further deepening the game’s immersive experience.


The ambient soundscape of Cities: Skylines II dynamically shifts to craft a captivating atmosphere that resonates with the city’s evolving landscape, influenced by diverse zones, weather conditions, and various events. This world ambiance is structured in layers that seamlessly move with the camera, ensuring a consistent auditory backdrop for every scenario. Moreover, simulation changes, like rain, are not merely visual elements; they also enrich the ambient sounds, enhancing the game’s realism.


Cities: Skylines II confronted two primary auditory challenges: the sheer volume of sound sources and the transition between proximate and distant noises. To address this, the game employs a system that discerns both the distance and the count of sound sources concerning the camera, termed as “audio grouping.” This mechanism is engineered to curtail the number of simultaneous active sound sources, ensuring players aren’t inundated with, say, the clamor of 100 vehicles simultaneously while navigating the city. Depending on the camera’s position and surrounding sound sources, the game seamlessly toggles between near and distant audio. This innovation enables players to discern distant traffic sounds, like the hum of a bustling freeway, from a considerable distance. Furthermore, audio grouping imparts unique auditory characteristics to zoned regions. The specific sound you perceive is contingent on the camera’s proximity to the zone. For instance, the ambient noise of a bustling commercial district will differ when viewed from afar compared to a close-up perspective, with the density of shops directly influencing the sonic ambiance.


We’ve prioritized the sounds of vehicles and traffic, given their significance in shaping the soundscape of your city. The audio for vehicles adapts according to their speed. Additionally, variations in siren sounds are automatically chosen based on the city’s theme. To further personalize the experience, selecting a city dweller triggers a brief audio cue, mirroring their age, gender, and emotional state. In the same vein, choosing any animal in the city prompts a characteristic sound associated with that specific creature.

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