SimCity 2013’s Multiplayer Should Be Expanded in City Skylines 2

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SimCity 2013’s Multiplayer Should Be Expanded in City Skylines 2

SimCity’s 2010s revival had an undoubtedly awesome feature – its online mode. Unfortunately, Maxis’ poor handling of the concept overshadowed its uniqueness. Players were compelled to use it, and initial server failures rendered the game unplayable. These server outages became a significant reason for the game’s failure. Despite this, the concept has potential if executed with proper attention and care.

SimCity’s multiplayer mode allowed players to construct their own cities alongside others. The game was divided into numerous regions, each with the potential to accommodate multiple cities. Players could become part of these regions, select a land plot, and begin building their city while sharing or trading resources with fellow gamers. Collaboratively, they could undertake colossal Great Work projects, such as International Airports, Space Centers, or Arcologies, that benefited the entire region.

Cities Skylines 2 has the potential to enhance the online experience offered by its predecessor. Instead of imposing mandatory online functions, it could be presented as an optional feature. Players could again construct their cities together, collaborating for a brighter future. Colossal Order could amplify Maxis’ idea by introducing ways to disrupt other cities, a more intricate trading system born from resource rivalry, and an abundance of Great Works projects for gamers to strive towards.

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