Mio Road Assets Pack v1.3

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Mio Road Assets Pack v1.3

Add many road assets, including roads with service lanes.

Road assets are highly experimental. Please back up your save file before use.

Known issues include:
– Once your save uses these roads, removing the mod may cause white textures, crashes, or game exits.
– If you subscribe to the assets and then unsubscribe (including the pre-installed Asset Importer [Beta]), it may result in errors and missing models.
– Subscribing to assets without the complete loading of assets (not restarted twice) may lead to errors and missing models.
– If your mods fail to load successfully while subscribing to assets, it may result in errors/missing models.

Currently, these issues are related to old road assets or the Asset Importer. The assets themselves are stable. If you want to completely remove assets, you need to go to Settings > Asset Importer > DELETE ALL IMPORTED ASSETS button to remove all assets.


Add roads:
– Pedestrian Street (1u)
– Alley Oneway 1 Lanes (0.6u)
– Alley Oneway 2 Lanes (1u)
– Alley Oneway 3 Lanes (1.4u)
– Highway Oneway 1 Lanes thin
– Highway Oneway 2 Lanes thin
– Highway Oneway 3 Lanes thin
– Highway Oneway 4 Lanes thin
– Highway Oneway 5 Lanes thin
– Highway Towway 2 Lanes thin
– Highway Towway 3 Lanes thin
– Highway Towway 4 Lanes thin
– Highway 6 Lanes Divided (4u)
– Highway 8 Lanes Divided (5u)
– Highway Oneway 6 Lanes (3.5u)
– Highway Oneway 7 Lanes (4u)
– Highway Oneway 8 Lanes (4.5u)
– XL Road 8 Lane Divided (4u)
– XL Road 10 Lanes Divided (5u)
– XL Road 14 Lanes Divided (7u)
– Large Road 4 Lanes + 2 Sub Lanes (5u)
– Large Road 4 Lanes + 4 Sub Lanes (6u)
– Large Road 6 Lanes + 4 Sub Lanes (7u)
– XL Road 8 Lanes + 4 Sub Lanes (7u)
– Medium Road Asymmetric 3/1 (3u)
– Large Road Asymmetric 4/2 (4u)
– Large Road Asymmetric 5/3 (4u)
– Large Road Asymmetric 6/4 (5u)
– Road Outside Connection – Oneway (No Taxi)
– Road Outside Connection – Twoway (No Taxi)

(All external connections for roads are taxi-free)
– Subway 1 Line thin
– Subway 2 Line thin
– Subway 2 Line – Twoway thin
– Subway Outside Connection – Oneway
– Subway Outside Connection – Twoway

(Work In Progress, please do not use subway outside connections if unavailable)
– BRT 1+2 Lanes Road (5u)
– BRT 3+2 Lanes Road (6u)
– BRT 2 Lanes Road (4u)
– BRT 4 Lanes Road (5u)
– BRT 6 Lanes Road (6u)

(The initial creator of the BRT road asset is Jason_Stephen.)
– Shift Left Turn Road 4 + 2 Lanes (4u)
– Shift Left Turn Road 6 + 3 Lanes (5u)
– Shift Left Turn Road 8 + 4 Lanes (6u)

Feature Roadmap
– BRT roads
– Modular subway platforms
– Modular roads

– en-US
– zh-HANS
– ko-KR

How to Use
Install this mod to use.

Author: F_thx
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